So you want your home decor to look more classy and expensive but you don’t have a big budget to spend? It’s actually easier to do than you might think. Yes, expensive furniture, statement art, advanced gadgets make your home look luxurious, but that’s not your only option when it comes to creating a classy look.

Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and you can create decor that only looks expensive but it actually isn’t. Here are 15 easy DIY home decor projects that will help you do just that.

Decorative Mirrors

Decorative mirrors add architectural interest to home decor and makes it look classier, but they can be quite expensive. Not if you make one yourself following this tutorial.

Lace Fabric Wall

Laces add that extra classy look to your home style but it isn’t just limited to blankets and covers – you can use lace fabric to decorate your walls too. Here’s how.

Floating Shelf Wall Art


A floating shelf can be so much more with just some wall decorating. Turn it into a visual display that looks like a console table without the expense of getting one and taking up space.

Pedestal Sink Skirt

Some things have to be hidden away from the view in order for your decor to look classy. This skirt idea works for things like a pedestal sink or open cabinets.

Faux Built-in Bookshelf

The built-in look is very much classy especially with molding adding to the room’s architecture. You can fake it very easily by using just Ikea’s Billy bookshelves (also read about our picks for the best bookshelves for small spaces).

Marble Table


Marble looks expensive and classy but you don’t have to splurge on the real thing if you just use self-adhesive paper.

Wire Mail Baskets

These mail baskets are very handy and stylish to have in your entryway.

Ampersand Marquee

Add marquee lights to your displays for that extra bling and class. Here’s how you can make one yourself.