I honestly don’t care if it’s the holidays or not, I just want my home to smell amazing. But I’m not always a big fan of scented candles; yes they’re nice, but if there’s a super cool and easy way I can make my rooms smell like Christmas or some fancy spa, I’m all for it. And that’s why I found some awesome smell hacks that will make your home smell great. All of them are either from amazing DIY bloggers or from lists of scent tips and tricks.

I like sharing links with my readers from other blogger’s awesome lists because it gives them the option to see even more great tips and hacks, not just the ones I’ve picked. So check out what I’ve found, and feel free to check out the other scent tips in the links at the end. And don’t forget to tell me what you liked the best or if you have any of your own!

Sea Salt and Citrus

I love the scent of citrus and fresh herbs and spices, which is why I like this one a lot. The mix of the fruit, salt, basil, and cloves will help kill off the odors in your home. So if you want a bit of spring fresh goodness in your house, then try this one out.

Apple Cinnamon and Citrus

This is probably the smell of Fall, but I don’t care. It could be the middle of a hot summer and I’d be fine with my house smelling like this. And to be honest.. Fall is my favorite season anyhow so that’s probably why I’m a bit partial.

A Coffee Vanilla Scent Hack

Alright so I told you I wanted to use something that wasn’t a scented candle.. but this also includes a non-candle ingredient (coffee), so it counts right? Also, I love the smell of coffee (even before I ever drank it), so this one’s a win for me.

Make Your House Smell Like Christmas

Like I said, I don’t care if it’s not the holidays, I’m fine with my house smelling like Christmas. And that’s why I seriously love this one done by Half Baked Harvest. I’m pretty sure this one’s gonna smell like apple cider Christmas tree goodness.

Spring Scents for Your Home

Williams Sonoma is a fun place for me to go into, so if this one promises to smell even better than my favorite home decor and goods store, I give it an A+ immediately. With rosemary, lemon, and vanilla, I can’t imagine how good this smells.

Cranberry and Orange

More Christmas scents! For me, I feel like orange is an awesome Christmas flavor and smell which is why I’ll be happy to have this heating on my stove top and filling the rooms with the smell of Christmas when it’s not even Christmas. Heck yes.

How to Make Your Home Smell Good Naturally

I really like this blogger’s idea of using a Himalayan salt lamp which can purify the air and leave things fresh in your home. I promise you, this isn’t some hippy frivolous thing, Himalayan salt whether ingested or used for your outer health, is a great way to get some awesome health benefits.

Bonus Tips and Hacks!

12 Ways to Get Rid of Lingering Food Smells

I think this infographic is great since it shows you exactly step by step what you should do to ensure that your house doesn’t get a strong smell from food cooking. And then it shows you how to make sure that post cooking smells don’t come up. Definitely something to save.

Whether you’re a cook or not, a lot of these DIY scent recipes are so easy. I mean boiling a few ingredients is a simple way to make your house or apartment smell like Christmas trees or like Fall has just arrived. So get rid of whatever is causing odors and start up the burner because these scent recipes are way too cool not to try.

Now if you have any ideas or smell recipes yourself, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!